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Uncle Mikey's Spoonless Lands

Relax...it's all just 1s and 0s...

Uncle Mikey
14 August 1969
BelMikey, also known as everybody's Uncle Mikey, is a fuzzy propeller head, born in Brooklyn, raised in Joisey, now living in Minnesota and concocting code.

When he's not coding, he's running a hobby-ISP and dressing up in funny clothes as part of the SCA's Barony of Nordskogen, or, inexplicably, learning Esperanto or Mandrain.

He does not, contrary to popular belief, have a direct neural connection to the Internet. But he does type real fast.
alternate keyboards, ani difranco, anime, anne mccaffery, avenue q, b5, babylon 5, barenaked ladies, barenaked ladies (the band), battlestar galactica, billy joel, black adder, bleach, blues brothers, bofh, books, cartoons, cats, chez geek, chocolate, coffee, computers, conventions, convergence, conversation, cornell, cornell university, cowboy bebop, cuddling, dar williams, datahand, dave matthews, david eddings, deep space nine, douglas adams, dr. seuss, dr. who, dune, erotica, escaflowne, esperanto, falsifying statistics, fandom, fantasy, firefly, flirting, food, frank herbert, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, geek, geeking, geeks, genesis, guinness, hair (the musical), history, hugging, hugs, hybrid cars, hybrid-electric cars, information technology, internet, invader zim, italian food, judaism, khazaria, kindle, kissing, languages, latin, ljmaps_belmikey, looney toons, mad science, medieval, medieval history, middle ages, monty python, muppets, narbonic, neil gaiman, northshield, npr, otters, perl, peter gabriel, php, polyamory, porter, prius, python, reading, sandman, sarcasm, sca, sci fi, sci-fi, sci/fi, science fiction, science-fiction, scifi, scotch, sex, sf&f, single malt scotch, sluggy freelance, snuggling, society for creative anachronism, something positive, somethingpositive.net, star trek, steeleye span, stout, tim malloys, tori amos, traveling, uptown-on-calhoun, video games, web comics, web design, web page design, webcomics, weird al, women, world domination, writing


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